Friday, June 18, 2010

OHUG Research Links

Many thanks to the OHUG team for another great conference. I had a few questions after the keynote about the research we cited - here are a few links.

Center for Creative Leadership: The Changing Nature of Leadership

Gallup: The Next Generation of Leadership (subscription required)

Harvard Business Review: Mentoring Millenials (May, 2010)

Harvard Business Review: How to Keep Your Top Talent (May, 2010)

Harvard Business Review: Are You a High Potential? (June, 2010)


So what are YOU thinking about Leadership and Retaining Key Talent? Any other good research to share?

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One Third More said...

Great that you posted these links - I'll enjoy having a look through them. Thank you. I run a leadership team coaching consultancy so am always scouring the web for more information and stats. Have a great day.